About Aaron Holmes

Aaron Holmes is running to be your Ward 8 City Councilman because he believes that Ward 8 is already great.

He believes that every person has something to teach and that every voice has value. He is excited for the opportunity to listen to you, his Ward 8 neighbors, and learn from your collective experience. Like you, Aaron’s desires are simple yet fundamental: to live in a safe, inclusive, interconnected community, built and sustained by the people who reside there.

Aaron’s story is not unique. He comes from a working-class family where his parents taught him to think, work hard, respect others, and most importantly to support those around him. He believes there is no better way to exemplify the values his parents instilled in him than to represent and serve the people of Ward 8.

At the age of twelve, Aaron started selling the Sunday Post on a street corner, providing a small service for his neighbors. As Aaron grew, so did his sense of community. After graduating from Oxon Hill High School, he founded Triple Star Soundstage, a live performance production company, with the goal of providing affordable, quality entertainment for his neighbors at THEARC. While running his own business, Aaron also launched a career in the public and private sectors, eventually using his management experience to run the travel program of a Fortune 15 company.

As Aaron gained experience and ability, he expanded the scope of his vision for the people around him. Aaron will use the personal and professional experience he has gained on both sides of the river to preserve the community he calls home, and to promote and protect the people whose generosity and teaching provided the stable foundation on which his experience is built.

Join us by giving your support to Aaron Holmes, the next DC Councilmember for Ward 8.